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Ab Heart Amulet

Ab Heart Amulet


The Ab is an ancient Egyptian symbol meaning "heart-soul." The Ab was that one of the Egyptian's seven souls that was supposed to come directly from the mother's heart, in the form of holy lunar blood that descended into her womb to take the shape of her child. The hieroglyphic sign for this was a dancing figure, representing the inner dance of life perceived in the heartbeat. As long as the dance continued, life went on.

The idea of a "heartbeat-dance" at the core of all living things was vividly presented in Oriental symbolism by the perpetual Dance of Shiva taking place in the "center of the universe," which is also the human heart.

The Ab Heart Amulet was designed to embody all of this ancient symbolism and to warm your soul and strike up a dance in your heart.


  • hand carved + cast in sterling silver
  • Mexican fire Opals
  • 26" sterling silver chain


each Ab Heart Amulet is made-to-order by hand with love

want to customize yours? maybe you’d prefer gold? email me 




Fire Opal properties:

~ mystery, variety, progress and change

~ assists one to look within the self and adds clarity to the intuitive and reflective process

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