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Sacred Hearts Ring II

Sacred Hearts Ring II

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The Sacred Heart in Christian mythology, the Ab in ancient Egypt, the "heartbeat dance" in Oriental symbolism, are all representations of the soul and of the center of the universe; both of which you can find inside the heart. 

The Sacred Heart Ring was designed to embody the ancient symbolism of the sacred heart; that the heart holds the mind and soul; that within the heart you will find the center of our life force and the center of the universe.


  • hand carved in wax & cast in sterling silver
  • pink Tourmaline
  • champagne-colored Sapphires

size 6 1/2


The Sacred Hearts Ring II is one-of-a-kind and made by hand with love




Tourmaline properties:

~ The energy of light pink Tourmaline relates to the creativity and to conceiving the "new," while allowing one to maintain the connection between the self and "All That Is."

~ It acts to stimulate the crown chakra and the heart chakra, bringing forth the synthesis of love and spirituality, while enhancing the higher aspects of the state of love. It furthers the actualization of love and promotes joy and peace during periods of growth and change; the changes being guided toward the furtherance of the spirit and the concomitant growth of humanity toward enlightenment.

~ It allows one to trust in the power of love. It can promote the feelings of joy and enthusiasm for life by releasing destructive tendencies.

~ The energy of Tourmaline relates to each of the chakras; it acts to clear, to maintain, and to stimulate each of the energy centers of the body.

~ It can be used to attract inspiration, to diminish fear by promoting understanding, and to encourage self-confidence. It provides for a balancing of the male/female energies within the body; it further provides to balancing of the mind, of the energy centers, and of the auric body, inducing the alignment of the mental processes and the chakras with the ethereal structure.

~ The Tourmaline and the inherent electrical emanations have been revered throughout the life of the planet. In rituals performed in the ancient eastern Indian culture, the tourmaline was used to provide direction toward that which would bring "good"; it was also recognized as a "teller" stone, providing insight during times of struggle and "telling" who and/or what is causing trouble.

~ It has been used by shamen among the African, Native American, and Aboriginal tribes. It is thought to bring healing powers to the user and provide protection from all dangers on the physical plane.

Sapphire properties:

~ Sapphires can be used to rid one of unwanted thoughts and to bring joy and peace of mind via opening the mind to beauty and intuition.

~ The Sapphire brings lightness and joy, with depth of beauty and thought, to the wearer.

~ The Sapphire is known as a "stone of prosperity," sustaining the gifts of life, eliminating frustration, and fulfilling the dreams and desires of the consciousness.

~ White Sapphire provides for focus and directing of attention. It stimulates the crown chakra, revealing the talents if the self and encouraging the pursuit of the lifework.

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