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The Eye Ring

The Eye Ring


In ancient Egypt, the Eye of Horus was worn as an amulet for protection and for good health and healing.

Horus is a sky god whose eyes are said to be the sun and the moon. An ancient myth describes a battle between Horus and Set in which Horus' right eye was torn out. Thoth, who associates with the moon, magically restored Horus' eye, at which point it was given the name "Wadjet" meaning "whole" or "healthy." While the right eye of Horus traditionally represents the "Eye of Ra" the god of sun, in this myth, it specifically states that it is Horus' left eye which has been torn out; the left eye that has been restored by Thoth, the eye that represents the moon. So the myth relates to the waxing and waning of the moon during which the moon appears to have been torn out of the sky before being restored once every lunar cycle.

In this way, The Eye Ring, paying homage to Wadjet, represents a return from chaos, a balance, a healing energy. Couldn't we all use a little bit of that in our lives?

hand carved in wax & cast in sterling silver


Aquamarine in solid sterling silver

Aquamarine with 14 karat gold bezel

1/3 carat Cognac Diamond with 14 karat gold bezel

Chatham Emerald with 14 karat gold bezel

Chatham Alexandrite with 14 karat gold bezel

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each ring is made-to-order by hand with love




aquamarine properties:


diamond properties:

~ This mineral is known as "the king of all crystals," symbolizing the central sun of the solar system, a force which maintains itself as the perfect state, never requiring recharging.

~ It was used in ancient times as a talisman against cowardice and was recognized as a "stone to enhance invulnerability." It rallies strength with age and maintains the energy to stimulate unity and love of oneself and of others.

~ Traditionally, the power of the diamond worked only wen the diamond was freely given; in ancient times it was given to ensure love and harmony. It is a reminder of ones goals towards spiritual awareness; as the evolution and growth required becomes manifest within the heart, one can transfer that feeling and the being to others, via the diamond.

~ The diamond inspires creativity, imagination, ingenuity, inventiveness, and brilliance in the world of the "new."

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