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The Hamsa

The Hamsa


"I express my own reality openly and honestly."

We create our own reality, and where our focus goes, energy flows.

It's easy to get wrapped-up; in other people, in their problems, in our own. How often do you find yourself depleted, exhausted, out-of-control?

Self-protection and -preservation require standing up for your self, for your truth, even in the face of immense resistance. Protecting your energy means trusting your power, asserting your self, your truth, at all costs.

The Hamsa aids you in protecting your energy.

 Hamsa; hand of Fatima; Hamesh; Khamsa; hand of Venus, or Aphrodite: she is a symbol used throughout the ancient world for protection, to repel negativity and harm, and to welcome luck, fortune, health and happiness.

She, with outstretched palm, provides a source of inspiration for you to look at the light within yourself; do not be blindly led astray; use your light to lead the way.



  • hand carved + cast in sterling silver
  • 14 karat gold fingernails
  • .025 ct. Diamond
  • 16-18 inch adjustable solid 14 karat gold chain


  • hand carved + cast in sterling silver
  • 14 karat gold evil eye bezel
  • .025 ct. Ruby
  • 18 inch silver chain


  • hand carved + cast in 18 karat yellow gold
  • .025 ct. Ruby
  • adjustable solid 14 karat gold chain flashed with 22 karat gold


each Hamsa is made-to-order by hand with love


want to customize yours? maybe you’d prefer your birthstone? email me


I use Chatham lab-made gemstones whenever there is a possibility that sourcing the natural stone could perpetuate human or social harm or conflict or environmental degradation. 


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