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The Michelangelo Choker

The Michelangelo Choker


The Creation of Adam, Michelangelo's fresco painting in the Sistine Chapel in Rome, Italy inspired me to create this piece to celebrate humanity, the beauty in human connection, and the balance of feminine and masculine energies within the self. In each of us, there resides a deeply wise and spiritual side, representing Venus; our divine feminine intuition. And there resides Mars, our masculine side, our fire, our passion. When we feel stuck, when we aren't channeling our energy productively, we seek to balance this yin and yang energy inside of us. This necklace represents that balance; the left hand as your feminine, the right as your masculine. When we honor this balance and learn to work with both energies, we are truly powerful.

hand carved and cast in sterling silver

15-16" adjustable sterling silver chain

want to customize yours? maybe you'd prefer to add a stone? email me

each Michelangelo Choker is made-to-order by hand with love


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