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ay |i| = moon             su |soo| = water
Aysu is an ancient Turkish feminine name meaning "lucid as the moon and water"
Ay Su Jewelry was born in a corner of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey and has since evolved into an entrepreneurial adventure, taking one woman on a magical journey across continents...
Ay Su grew out of a deep fascination with the ancient art form of jewelry making. When Ay Su founder, Haylee Corliss, started making jewelry in Istanbul in 2015 she knew she had found her true calling. She longed to represent herself and create community through art, and when fate stepped in one day and offered her a chance meeting with her new teacher, she began this journey. She became inspired to create a brand of her own after a year of training under Turkish master silversmith Eren Usta - who was taught by his father, and his father’s father before him.

Today, Haylee creates jewelry to empower women to connect deeper with our intuition; to remind us of our cosmic significance, connect to our collective consciousness, and align with the divine feminine inside each and every one of us.

Haylee focuses on talismans and amulets to contribute to the rebirth, appreciation, and preservation of ancient symbolism and jewelry making design and technique, and to spread the wisdom of the ancient world through our modern society, incorporating the esoteric knowledge and magic of gemstones into her designs.