Focus on what you desire, not what you fear



Ay Su grew out of a deep fascination with the ancient art form of jewelry making. As a freelance writer in Istanbul with an idea for a story, I searched the hallways of the Grand Bazaar for a subject who could communicate with me and who would want to, fingers-crossed. I found Eren – a master silversmith who was taught by his father, and his father’s father before him. Quite serendipitously, he became my teacher, my usta (my master) - of jewelry making and quite frankly, of life. So I began this journey. . .

After nine months of weekly lessons, that had evolved into several lessons per week, I was inspired by other female artists in Istanbul to create my own brand. I wanted to create jewelry that had meaning and purpose, that could be used as a tool to help us navigate our lives, recognize and embrace the coincidences that lead us to our destiny, and celebrate the collective consciousness of ancient feminine culture that spans beyond the borders of our modern world.

Ay Su was born.

Today, I create modern amulets for women who are on a conscious journey of self-discovery. I seek to reinvent the ritual of adorning ourselves with amulets to provide protection, insight, and empowerment in facing our modern-day issues. I want to reawaken in you an appreciation for archaic symbolism and the use of amulets as as tool to reconnect with our divine feminine intuition and to continually show up as the goddess version of ourselves.

I make each amulet by hand – from design to final polish – to serve as a reminder of your cosmic significance; that you are a powerful being and you posses everything you need to manifest the life of your wildest dreams.

Let adorning yourself be a ritual.

Take a moment each day to breathe. Do mirror work. Meditate. Exercise. Adorn yourself. Repeat your affirmation. Recite your gratitudes. Accept yourself for all you are, forgive yourself for all you've done, and commit to loving yourself so you can spread that love to others and together we can heal the world.

After a three-year journey around the world, my focus now is on my inner journey. I welcome you to join me.

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